Our Ingredient is Passion, Perseverance, Aspiration

Equestrianism has been enjoyed for centuries across the Globe by people of all abilities.
At Strides we have taken a fresh approach to what can be seen as an exclusive and almost closed shop and shown that you don’t have to have a historical family tree of riders in order to be successful, although we know that it helps.
It can be expensive depending on the level that you want to perform at and even if you are a leisure rider, it does take dedication and commitment in your time.
Whilst we are always looking for our own support for better rides by invitation and sponsorship so that we meet our own aspirations, we are pleased to support others when buying a horse in selecting the right horse to suit the rider, transporting horses and advising on the best equipment.
To many this can be daunting, or perhaps you have been told or believe that you know what you need. Rest assured that we started from the very beginning and have learnt and made mistakes that we can share with you so that you can get there quicker and start to enjoy your horse riding.
Strides – Continually making progress, one step at a time.